30.000 players | 2x speed
Player with reserved starting place
Player with Wild Cards
Reservation for finals (after the last world ended, 10 days)
Best 2000 players / server
Top 300 players of the finals 2011
Qualification Round
15 national server + 2 international multilanguage servers
30.000 players / server
2x speed
Reservation for the qualification round


Some specifications of the Tournament servers (FAQ):

Q: Which Travian version will be used for the Tournament 2012?
A: All qualification servers will use the new Travian 4 version.

Q: What are the speed settings for the Tournament servers?
A: All qualification servers will use 2x speed settings.

Q: How many days of beginners protection?
A: There will be 3 days of beginners protection.

Q: Will there be an outgoing troop movement limitation for my account of 10,000 like on all other Travian 4 servers?
A: Yes there will be such a limit. Additionally there will be a limit set to 5,000 outgoing troop movements per village.

Q: I want to play on the finals too! How can i qualify during the qualification round?
A: If you want to receive an invitation for the finals you need to be top 1000 in the inhabitants ranking or top 500 in the offensive ranking or top 500 in the defender ranking at the end of the qualification server. Additionally every player holding a Wonder of the World village will get an invitation for the finals.

Q: Can i use my gold link for the qualification servers and for the finals?
A: You can use a gold transfer link for a qualification server if the domain is equal. You can not use any gold transfer link for the final server.

Q: Will i get a gold transfer link for my remaining gold if i delete my account on a qualification server or the finals?
A: You will receive an email with a gold transfer link valid for the domain of the qualification server as usual. There will not be any transfer link sent if you delete your account on the final server.

Q: I want to play with my friend in one account. If i win a prize, will my friend receive the same prize too?
A: No. The winner of the prize will be the player whos email address matches the account!

Q: I want to participate in the raffle. What do i have to do und when will the raffle be held?
A: All you need to do is to play on a Tournament server and control at least 3 villages by the time of the raffle. The raffle will be held during the Tournament. The exact time is kept secret.

For more information plaease read: Conditions of the Tournament